Good News/Bad News

I wasn’t going to start the spring cleaning until Monday.

The good news? I got on a roll this afternoon. My early start may have had something to do with coffee and chocolate…too much of it. (That will only be bad news if I’m still wired up when I want to go to bed.)

The vacuum and steam cleaner came out of the closet and I started to find homes for everything in the extra bedroom, a/k/a the cat room, a/k/a Mary’s work room.

Sometimes I regret having a Christmas tree that doesn’t have a box and doesn’t fit into a closet. Bad news.


The good news is that I found a home today for my working, unused treadmill and enough closet space to keep the workroom belongings safe while the carpet gets wet.

The bad news is that I will be sleeping among kitty litter boxes and a tree.


More bad news: Gibbs and Ziva have attacked the kitty litter and I need a nose plug.

The good news is that the extra bedroom is cleaned out and shampooed.


The final bad news of the evening? There’s more of this tomorrow. Remember, I promised a picture of a cat hairball from the steam cleaner and that’s exactly what you’re going to get when I attack the bedroom on Monday.


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