Staycation, Part 1

As of 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, I was officially on Staycation. I get to stay home for 10 days. Ten whole days!

Raise the flags, sound the trumpets, fire the cannons, yell a big “Whoop-dee-doo!”

cannon firing 2

Then again, maybe not.

Staycation is a fancy, made-up word for “spring cleaning”, which I am about to embark upon Monday morning. I am giving myself two days to gear up and mentally prepare and then I will be hard at it, with my cleaning rags, feather duster, vacuum, window spray and garbage can for all things labeled “should-have-thrown-this-out-months-ago.” Anything in my closets and drawers worth salvaging will go toward my church’s rummage sale and I may finally clean the “crap” that’s been laying around the computer and on the kitchen table for several weeks.

The worst of it will be the carpet cleaning. I have the awesome job of moving furniture around and then pushing around a machine that spits out clumps of cat hair while shampooing the carpet. Lots of work.

Staycation, Part 2, may involve pictures of said clumps of cat hair as proof that I’m not making this up.

The positive side of Staycation is the ability to stay in bed as long as the “kids” will allow, Β the excitement of multiple breaks during the day, and the lack of any type of a schedule. I may also choose to stay in my pajamas for an entire day, as long as I don’t have to run to the grocery store for bananas. (I will run downstairs to the laundry room in my pj’s because there are no cute, single guys in my building.) There will also be time for swimming, biking and an occasional walk, weather permitting.

So, here I go. I have one day – Sunday – to hang out with my church peeps and relax with a book before I get busy and work my backside into a frenzy. (I’ll be keeping the Advil and ice pack handy.)

Fun! Fire-the-cannon Staycation fun!

8 responses to Staycation, Part 1

  1. Anything that involves sleeping in is a win in my book. Hope you enjoy your staycation and take it in as long as you can πŸ™‚

  2. rafatspinola says:

    Great impressions! Nice! Check out my blog about Movie Violence, i think you’ll like it:

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