Of Pancakes and Puppies

I was tired and hungry this morning when the alarm went off at 5:20 a.m. In addition to putting in eight hours of work yesterday, I swam 40 lengths of the pool; climbed stairs several times while helping my friend, Natasha, plant flower boxes; had a couple glasses of wine; and stayed up past my bedtime catching up on the last two shows of NCIS. (As an aside, I ❤ NCIS and I am happy that the ghost of Mike Franks has reappeared because I still miss the character.)

Before I left the house, I started thinking about breakfast – a real breakfast – at the local diner where they make yummy blueberry pancakes. My normal breakfast is two pieces of raisin toast with almond butter and coffee, waiting until mid-morning to eat a banana. On most days, it’s good enough to fill my stomach until lunch. Today, though, I had what I call a “hungry day”. It’s when a bottomless pit replaces my stomach and repeatedly screams feed me!

Natasha texted me while I was pouring my first cup of coffee at work and searching the freezer for leftover cookies from the week before (cookies are on my “no” list, but I was desperate). I told her I needed breakfast at the diner and a nap. She asked me if I was off work today or wishfully thinking. Oh man, I am so wishfully thinking about eggs, toast, hashbrowns, and pancakes. I want it bad.


I texted Natasha back and told her it was wishful thinking, that I was at the coal mines, and tried to let go of the yearning I felt in the pit of my stomach. It wasn’t easy, but after inhaling my toast and delving into emails and normal piles of paper, I started to forget about breakfast.

It’s funny how The Big Guy Upstairs and a phone call an hour later can change everything. I work in a small office next to a bigger office – same department. I called one of my peers because I needed to deliver mail and assorted sundries into her hands. She didn’t answer at first, so I hunted her down. The voice on the other end said “She’s in the kitchen, making breakfast.”  Huh? Breakfast? How come she isn’t making breakfast for ME? It turns out that they had an employee recognition day, complete with the bosses making breakfast for their employees. Cool. When I finally had my favorite peer on the phone, she said “Come on over, we have leftovers.”

You could not measure the rush of air I created as I raced across the parking lot with my delivery.

Here I am!

The table in their kitchen was filled with leftover crepes, blueberry pancakes, fruit and sausages. I had died a hunger death and went to breakfast heaven. Not only did I get a plate of blueberry pancakes, syrup, and sausage, I was also kind enough to make a plate for my coworker.  I had told her about my hunger earlier and my yearning to go to the diner. Breakfast also sounded good to her and we both wondered if the diner delivered. Imagine coworker’s surprise when I put the plate of pancakes and sausage on her desk. I threw my hands in the air and yelled, “I deliver! Score!”

The blueberry pancakes were the best ever. I haven’t had them in a long time because I try to avoid dairy and gluten in my diet. I once again died a hunger death and went to blueberry pancake heaven. The sausages that swirled in the syrup floating on the plate made a quick exit down my throat, as did the pancakes. It didn’t take long (I’m a fast eater) to inhale everything, evidence my empty plate.


*sigh of happiness*

(I texted Natasha to tell her I was eating blueberry pancakes and she texted me back, “Did you fall and suffer a head injury?” No, I’m healthy and sane and filled with pancake pleasure.)

As if the pancakes didn’t already make the day great . . . there’s more to this story. I had to visit a different office this morning (more mail and sundries). It pained me greatly to drive in the sunshine with the car windows down, bright blue skies screaming at me through the front window. The sun was so bright, I had to wear shades. I barely made it to the office without cracking my face from the smiles of pancake and sunshine satisfaction. It was a difficult trip.

After collecting the piles of “stuff” I had to take back to my office and talking business to a supervisor at this office, I turned to leave. I meant to leave. No, I couldn’t leave. There stood an employee, on her day off, with a 7-week old springer spaniel puppy in her arms. It was show-and-tell day for “mom” and her Bella.


OMG, let me hold her, let me hold her! Yes, I’m a cat lady, but I love puppies too.  I love puppy breath and puppy smell. I love how their puppy fur is so soft. I love their warm bellies and wet, pink noses. Bella let me hold her like a baby, snuggling into my armpit, exuding a few yawns . . . because it’s hard work being a puppy. I asked “mom” if I could take Bella home, but I knew the answer. Mom is in love with Bella, you could see it in the glow of her smile.

I handed puppy off to the supervisor and little Bella fell happily asleep on his shoulder.  How sweet! I had to leave at that point. I could have held onto and cooed at Bella all day. I wonder how long it took said supervisor to hand Bella over to “mom” or how many arms Bella lay rest in before heading home.

Of pancakes and puppies – that was my wonderful morning. At noon, I treated myself to sushi for lunch in order to keep the bottomless pit at bay. I finally feel filled and satisfied from good food, warmth, sunshine, and puppy breath. In a matter of moments, I will be headed out for happy hour with girlfriends and the planning of our summer camping adventure.  There might be more food and laughter involved in the evening, before Wednesday comes to a close.

It’s been a really great day, one that doesn’t always happen, one that I feel blessed for having, one that fills up my soul and senses with happiness.

Have you recently had a day like this? What was it like? What small things, like pancakes and puppy breath, make your day great?

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