Sun Rays & Cyanotype

I got home early today from an overnight adventure and decided to have the spring “furminating” session with the kids. They loved it. Shedding the winter fur made them happy because they lost what appears to be a third cat off their backsides. Humans put on weight during the winter with comfort food and cookies while their cats put on weight growing a ton of excess fur.

While I was picking up the remnants of cat hair that escaped to the floor, the sun came out. (A gray cloud had attempted to deliver snow-ish looking rain.) (It’s cold here again.) With the vertical blinds allowing slivers of sun to filter through onto the living room floor, both Gibbs and Ziva took repose in order to give their human a few photo ops.

Ziva, trying to hang in the shadows while allowing the sun rays to stream across her gray swirling fur.


Gibbs. Dude. Just hanging out, wondering why human is trying to get his attention.


I decided to switch the color to cyanotype, a feature that works well with gray, purring objects.

Ziva is a pretty girl. She’s also bashful when it comes to photo time. Today, she sat still.


Gibbs again. He’s contemplating the meaning of life while giving a vacant stare to the rays.


One more. Gibbs is so photogenic. He’s a beautiful boy.


That’s it. I took more pictures, but these are my favorites. There will be more on another day because, after all, cat humans can never take too many pictures of their kids.

4 responses to Sun Rays & Cyanotype

  1. Allison says:

    I wish my boys liked their spring brush out.

    Gibbs and Miss Ziva look fantastic.

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