The Motivation Bus

“Sorry for this inconvenience, ladies and gentlemen, but at this time, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave the bus. Please be sure and take all your belongings with you and I promise arrangements will be made for your continued journey as quickly as possible.” ~Gus Malley~ 

But, but, but . . . I don’t want to get off the bus! I just got on!

I finished The Gauntlet on Tuesday, a 30-day challenge that has been brought to you by the lovely Jackie from The Jackie Blog. This has been a challenge of “do what you sincerely suck at for 30 days.” The point of the challenge was to decrease your suckiness and stay with the chosen subject matter. In my case, it was motivation. I suck at staying motivated when it comes to exercise, especially while in the throes of a winter-ish spring.

I can say with honesty and conviction that I stayed on the motivation bus for the entire month of April, 2013. The bus sped up for a few days of the month, slowed on others, kept a median speed for most. I almost had to get off the Greyhound a couple of times when my whacky schedule went out of control. On those days, I kept motivated by pushing out living-room floor sit-ups and kitchen chair squats while fending off the “pay attention to me!” cries of two furry creatures.

The majority of the month was spent either at the pool, the gym, or out for chilly walks. (I posted a challenge update on April 12th, entitled Motivation-Day 12.

Much of the same has occurred since that update, except for this past weekend. The weather warmed up and I broke out a toy to help me coast the motivational bus to the finish line.


Not exactly a bus, but it does have wheels. It’s orange. It’s totally powered by Mary.

My girlfriend and I went for a long, eight-mile, “let’s-try-to-kill-ourselves-winding-through-the-mall-parking-lot-on-a-Saturday,” FUN ride. Winding our way through the mall traffic, down city trails and sidewalks, around a locked fence and through a few bramble bushes was akin to running the biker’s gauntlet. We survived, no worse for wear and with girlie giggles thrown in for good measure. I ended up going for a ride by myself on Sunday, but the sore posterior of my being from Saturday’s ride told me to make it a short one. Weenie.

The Gauntlet ended on April 30th with a walk in 80 degree weather. Could it be any better than an above-normal April day? No.

Challenge completed!

I may take a few days off from pool, gym and biking to clean my abode, which I’ve been avoiding in favor of exercise, and to give myself a rest and gear up for the next challenge.

On Saturday, I told my biking partner about The Gauntlet and her immediate response was “Why don’t we challenge each other and keep this going?” Like me, she has a need and desire to stay fit, but doesn’t always have the motivation when life gets busy or the weather gets crappy. So, when she gets home next week from playing reservist, a new challenge starts. We are going to hold each other accountable for daily motivation and walk, bike, or hang out at the gym at least twice a week. That’s our plan.

We’ll be signing the contract in blood next week.

Or we might keep it simple and pinkie swear.

In closing, I want to say “thank you” to Miss Jackie and the opportunity she’s given me to keep my bootie and motivational bus moving during the month of April.

Thank you very much!


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