Porch Time!

Gibbs is helping me today with the blog.  He has a few words he’d like to share:

This weekend, spring finally showed up.


Ummm, I mean Meoooooowwwwwww! (Mom said I need to write like myself when I blog.)

I was wondering when she was going to let me out on the patio again. It seemed like FURever!  (Ha! Get it? FURever!) (I crack myself up.)

I hate it when the windows are closed and the ground is covered in white stuff. There was a lot of white stuff the last few months.

Mom was grumpy during the white season. Really really grumpy. Very very grumpy.

(My purrs and headbutts helped her mood a little, jumping on the counter did not.)

So, anyhow, when mom opened the patio door this morning, I was on that like I am on my food dish. Out the door I went!

Mom followed me (I don’t think she trusts me. . . I don’t know why she gets mad when I jump on the railing . . . the view is better from up there.)

Instead, I was relegated to looking out from below. It sucks to be me.


In the meantime, my adopted sister, Ziva, stayed inside.

I’m not sure what was up with her. I know once she gets a spot warmed up, it’s hard for the Queen to leave it.


Ziva was perfectly content to watch over mom and I from her throne.

Eventually, mom dragged us back into the living space and closed the screen door. I made a sad kitty face.

She said “See you later babies, mom has to go to church!”

Ziva and I both made another sad kitty face.

Then my adopted sister and I found our appropriate napping spots (Ziva had a butt dent in the couch by now) and waited for mom to return.

Time doesn’t fly when I’m waiting for mom to get home and open the patio door again.

Luckily, mom did come home with a roaster chicken and the hand that opens doors for us. (I tried opening the patio door with my nose a few times, but it doesn’t work.)

The patio door is open!  Yayyyyyyyyy!

Ummm, I mean Meoooooowwwwwww!

This time, Ziva got off her duff and joined me outside.


Hey! I can see better from on top of the table! I see live people and birds!

This is PURRfect. (mom, stop rolling your eyes)

I can’t wait until mom gets her flowers out here so I can hide under their cover and cackle at the birds.

Spring and summer are awesome. I love it out here on the patio.

I could stay out there all day long……….

Mom? What do you mean, “Get in here?” Really? It’s time to go inside again? I just got out here. You’re going for a bike ride? Really?

*sad kitty face*

*sad kitty sigh*

Oh, I suppose. I’ll come back in, but I expect you to return soon from your bike ride. Don’t go too far.

Porch time lasts only so long around here, Ziva and I want to make the best of it.

We’ll wait right here.

Hurry.  I mean, Meow.

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