Motivation, Day 12

I am on day 12 of move-my-butt motivation, a/k/a The Gauntlet.

If you don’t know about The Gauntlet, neener-neener.

If you decided to join The Gauntlet too late, neener-neener.

If you joined The Gauntlet and are going strong, you get a pass on the neener-neener and go straight to “you are totally and irrevocably awesome” awesomeness.

The weather has not cooperated this week, so I wasn’t able to walk outside.  *grumble*

(The picture is from last week, when that yellow, round, bright, glowing object was hanging in the blue sky.)

spring and walk 001

Instead, I headed to the gym for mileage on the treadmill and this:


I lifted things up and put them down. (No, that’s not me.  You do not want to see 55-year old not-so-tight midriff.)

When I was not grunting on the gym floor and walking to the beat of AC/DC, I headed to the pool to swim laps.

Since I do not take my phone to the pool with me, you’ll have to accept the drippy after-the-fact evidence of my excursions.


I could also take a picture of the large container of Gold Bond lotion that I have acquired since swimming.  A salt water pool is not always skin friendly.

Every day since April 1st has had its challenge – crappy weather, adult responsibilities, laziness, tiredness – that makes it difficult to be and stay motivated.

So far, I have been up to the challenge and I intend to see this through to completion.

Perhaps by May 1st, it will stop snowing here and I’ll be able to get out my mountain bike and start a new challenge. Or plant flowers.

Happy Motivational Friday!

2 responses to Motivation, Day 12

  1. Jackie says:

    treadmill AND lifting AND swimming?! You’re making me look like a lightweight. I’m hitting the pavement extra hard tomorrow. 🙂 Grats and keep it up – you’ve definitely got this.

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