Continuation of Motivation


March was a very motivational month for me, in terms of exercise.

First, I took on the 365 challenge from a personal trainer:  Every day in March, the goal was to complete 200 squats (any type), 100 sit-ups (any type) and 65 push-ups (girlies allowed).  I have done pretty well with this challenge considering the ongoing issues I have with my back and arthritic knees. The squats were the killer and most days, my knees couldn’t handle that many, but I’ve killed the rest of the challenge. The object was to TRY, and try is what I have done. One more day and I’ll cross the finish line.

I also started swimming and working out with weights at the gym during March. What? The 365 challenge isn’t enough? No, not really. I am easily bored by repetitive exercise, so I need to vary my workouts from day to day. Swimming is my new love, as you may know by previous posts. I finally hit the mile barrier last week and I’m hoping to start edging past that in April.

And, still, I need continued motivation. Something to keep me going. Something to shoot for. A goal.

Enter The Gauntlet, a 30-day challenge from The Jackie Blog. (You can click on either link to find the rules.) I can do anything I suck at for 30 days with a chance to win a $100 Visa card. Lately, I suck at dating, but I wasn’t sure how I could turn that into a challenge. Instead, continuation of motivation is my goal – the motivation to go swimming, hang out with the gym rats, go to yoga, walk the neighborhood, bike the trails, or do a couple hundred squats every day for the month of April.  Thirty days.

If you suck at something, feel free to join me during April.  If you don’t, feel free to cheer me on – it’s almost time to get the next chapter of my physical, motivational game on.


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